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Revisit! Amber Mark’s Official Video For ‘Love Me Right’. Beautiful Rendition and Expression. Classic.

She’s so good. Amber Mark is so delectable. So delicious. The songs just drape over you like a fine wine, and the notes drizzle sunshine of what’s possible in this world. Listen to her voice, and you have to fall in love. Listen to the arrangement, and then you want to caress and take care of those unfortunate – spreading the good word.

Her latest video for her single ‘Love Me Right’ is silk.

Its sprinkle of 90’s R&B sensibilities just adds another layer of coating, that is beautiful to listen to. The soulful raindrops glue the activity of this kind of heart wrenching emotion, with care and empathy.

Amber knows what to say.

She wants to tell you, it’s not you.

We can do this all together.

It’s weird, but we should have been more up to date with what Amber has produced. Listen to her album ‘3:30pm’ and you’ll get what we are saying about her. THAT album is fabulous with drum beats, R&B, Soul, Tribal exclamations just making it fabulous to listen to as well.

Maybe that got us more prepped for her fabulous outputs for this ‘Love Me Right’ single??

Don’t know.

Anywho, we’re just glad that we’re back to where Amber is, and what she’s doing now. We’ll be even more vigilant in having her on our radar, for dang sure.

She’s so, so good.

Heck yea.

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