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Revisit! Dinner – Un-American Woman (Official Video)

Dinner is Anders Rhedin. Anders Rhedin is Dinner. Both serve some scrumptious dessert dream pop songs and with ‘New Work’ in September 2017, the Danish producer with the most-est, makes things tasty and sweet.

This video dropped in September, in conjunction with his LP, but the song itself was released back in middle of July 2017.

Dinner had a wish to do things differently.

And that’s very evident in the output.

“I just needed to get back to the approach I used when I was still self-releasing cassettes, back in Copenhagen. I spent way too much time on the previous record. I was sitting in front of a computer-screen alone for seven months working on it, obsessing over it. This time I wanted to work very fast in order to think less. I wanted to collaborate more. I hoped that other people’s presence would keep my perfectionism in check.”

As he reminisced, about his struggles during the make of ‘New Work’, we think the altruism and perfectionism in the LP is done right.

“We did very little editing, we just tried to record what was there. You’ll hear a lot of first-takes on the record. The best part of the process was driving home early in the morning though the empty streets of LA…”

“I’m plenty Euro by myself, some might say. I wanted to add a different color.”

‘Un-American Woman’, directed by Andrew van Baal.

Dinner is rep’ed by Captured Tracks.



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