Revisit! Ora Cogan – Sea People (Music Video)

Going through our notes on past months list of artists and some just pop out to us. And sometimes we want to remind others (and ourselves) again of the fab stuff they’d given us – musically. Ora Cogan’s Sea People is one of those and we would love for you to view her video anew.

Mysterious, odd, introspective, bright, dark – the song encompasses many edges.

But one thing is certain – Ora’s talent cannot be denied.

Really. IOHO.

The subtle incondescence of the lyrics, mark droplets of highlights on the freshly cut grass – through that rabbit hole, into that mirrorless-looking glass – broken in rapture-esque bursts of optimism.

It’s good sh*t.

Close your eyes. Take in the fine taste of the song and lyrics. Half the fun is trying to discern Ora’s vaporous vocals.

It’s a tempting and virtuous exercise.

Go ahead. She won’t bite.

Anywho, take a peak again, and enjoy.

She’s rep’ed by oddly good label, Hand Drawn Dracula.

Ora Cogan “Crickets” LP was released November 3rd, 2017.


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