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Revisit! SOPHY 王嘉儀 shares ‘Leaving Home’ (Official Music Video)

SOPHY is a Hong Kong based artist, delving into life, love, and sorrows through very human means of emotional commutations. ‘Leaving Home’ was released early in February 2018, and we’d thought it was a fab song to revisit. Songs and music, if done right, do cross language barriers, and it might have been our particular vulnerabilities that day, but SOPHY got to us with this one – once more.

Hence, we’d like to share it with you all.

“The awkwardness of life, our life’s relationships, flood with insignificant trite details. Hindering and blocking with walls higher than the sky, although smaller than a grain of salt.” – CHF

Can we do it?

Let’s hope so.

Her debut EP ‘QUARTER’ released December 2017 and available now.

Buy [HERE] or [HERE]



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