Revolution, I Love You ‘We Can’t Die Here’ : Demonstrates the contextual emotions that the trio can bring to the fore.

Revolution, I Love You

Off of LP ‘Black Feathers’, ‘We Can’t Die Here’ demonstrates the contextual emotions that the trio can bring to the fore. Bringing together the sounds of 2000s era emo, the song blends dance beats and melancholy.

‘Black Feathers’ finds Revolution, I Love You stretching themselves further than any of their previous releases, holding on with one hand to the buzzsaw guitars and shimmering walls of sound found in grunge and shoegaze while gripping the warped vocal samples and subwoofer-pushing synthesizers of the darker corners of hip-hop with the other. Written over a period of time marked by personal loss and political upheaval, the album howls with grief, rage, and uncertainty.

The roots of this electronic rock outfit run deep. Founding members Rob Lindgren and J Reynolds met during high school in Delaware where they played in a variety of bands before they formed Revolution, I Love You.

The LP, in the same tradition of the band’s bangin’ attitudes, really deliver a gut punch of sounds that are so distinct with multi-genre elements that just thrive to the hilt. A blend of expertise that just gets you going with honest-to-goodness hooks, the licks bring a whole gamut of cosmic suggestions, combining all of the flavors that you’d imagine, during the listen.

It’s a fab experience that sticks.


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