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Revolvers – Rubbing Shoulders With The Devil

James Thurling is the genesis of this fab rock offering named REVOLVERS. The passion in James flows out into the ether, with equal parts vigor and mystic artistry. As the chorus of ‘Rubbing Shoulders With The Devil’ rubs shoulders with dynamic riffs, the 60’s and 70’s vibes are nicely added for a flavor that is uniquely REVOLVERS. Stated James: “We all grew up listening to our parents’s music, Bowie, Stones, Zeppelin, The Beatles. My home as a young boy was full of vinyl records and music playing all the time.” James knows exactly what he wants and in the REVOLVERS, he wants to shout his music from the top of the mountains. With Coldplay and Oasis vibes decorating his talents, the great run up that exact mountain will be an exciting one.

Phonettes – Morning Brings New

Just like a movie of a 60’s love and movies to assume, the lively notes of folk and emotions drizzle off the fingers of PHONETTES’ single ‘Morning Brings New’. Daan Hofman heads this gentle breeze of a project, and it’s glorious. Two years ago, Daan started his current musical journey. Looking to see what he can do with his music that lived within. What manifests so far, is an angelic description of the things that makes a person, a human, happy. Happiness happens even in times of great sadness. Contrasts abound in life. And PHONETTES enhances that delicious notion that we love to embrace. Deep, and smooth, Daan collects our sighs and converts them into a choir of infinity and loveliness. That’s what ‘Morning Brings New’ rightfully does.

Laurent Bourque – Matador

“Maybe more, maybe more”. The love that flows out for another, never seems to be enough of a satisfactory expression, for the one you love deserves more than the Universe. And that is what ‘Matador’ is all about. The never enviable task of knowing in your heart that you love this person, like your life depended on it – like you’d been ‘born again’ as the guardian for this gift whom keeps on giving. LAURENT BOURQUE is a beautifully singing indie artist who deals in love and times of confusion. The award winning Canadian debuted with his album ‘Pieces Of Your Past’ in 2014 and has been striving to make his mark with his songwriting. Off of his upcoming album ‘Blue Hour’, Laurent begs the question “How much is enough for satisfaction”. There is none when you adore just too much. A self imposed journey that depicts your lover as a goddess, you feel just right with all of the torture that is befitting of such plight. We’ve all been there, no? Heck yes.

Kathryn Legendre – There You Go

We love this single. Takes us back to our college years. KATHRYN LEGENDRE’s single ‘There You Go’ is a song of the best traditions of such singer/songwriter like Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathey Mattea, Emmylou Harris. It is the classic country output that feels like ‘home’ all and every time. With Kathryn’s beautifully sultry and strong vocals of conviction, the song just sticks to the ribs as heartily as your memory of that first kiss. Off of Kathryn’s latest EP ‘Making It Up’, helps you want to get up and dance with the one you love, right here and now, as the fiddle and slide cast a wafting nostalgia of crushes, loves, and emotions for the people you love. Your stresses melt from your shoulders, for just a little while, as ‘There You Go’ plays. And that is always something to write home about.

Fell Runner – Dog Inside A Car

FELL RUNNER’s blend of post-punk and jazzy undersides, take up a big chunk of your attention. It’s by design and you’re perplexed at the uniqueness of the band’s outputs. With ‘Dog Inside A Car’, the decorative aspects of the sheen, wears never thin, as the layered licks of the guitars invoke a sermon, both vacuous and totally monstrous. Vibrancy and harmonies declare a victory as our minds mush with influential loops and incantations from this single. Sounds are ever edgy, without ever losing control, the beautifully crafted single is a testament to passion and resurgence for the sounds that make sense. Their 2nd album ‘Talking’ (available now) demonstrate the expansiveness of their talents and their part in it. Themes of ‘frustrated communication’, ‘failed language’, and ‘own shortcomings’ cut deep inside the new album.


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