Rey Pila ‘Casting A Shadow’ : Profound latitude for excitement and thoughtful rock, comes with the territory.

Rey Pila

Bad ass. That’s what this cosmically inclined pop-rock goodness of ‘Casting A Shadow’ is. And as its emboldened chorus flows through your bodily cells, you’re vigilant to let others know of its therapeutic positivities.

Since 2010, the gang in Rey Pila have been offering up fabulous indie-rock and equally inquisitive possibilities of sight and sound.

With two full-length albums and multiple other releases as well as tours supporting luminaries like Interpol & Brandon Flowers under their belt, and having had their work produced, promoted, and put out by flag-wavers such as Julian Casablancas (The Strokes, Cult Records), the four-piece Rey Pila are fully charged to release their Dave Sitek-produced (TV On The Radio) new album ‘Velox Veritas’ on August 21st.

Today the band shares “Casting A Shadow”, the wiry, bouncing baroque pop new single that follows this spring’s “Let It Burn”. Accompanying the new track is a stylized new video that pays tribute to the golden age of black and white horror films. These are first tastes of an evolved Rey Pila, who are able to strike a balance in their art and culture to head for the bright lights.

The band’s name means ‘King Battery’ in Spanish and they consist of Diego Solórzano, Andrés Velasco, Rodrigo Blanco and Miguel Hernández. Together, they conquer listening minds, hearts, and emotions hither. Profound latitude for excitement and thoughtful rock, comes with the territory.

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Casting a Shadow en @spotifymx 👤 Gracias! 🖤

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Fue un placer, Pachuca 🔥 Gracias! #TourMmxX

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