Rey Pila ‘Let It Burn’ : Grating innovation of synth and emotive rock lyrics that dances in your pallet.

Rey Pila

First single ‘Let It Burn’ from the 4 piece band, features a grating innovation of synth and emotive rock lyrics that dances in your pallet with smart beats and entertaining grooves. It’s a first taste of an evolving/evolved, Rey Pila.

And how glorious the results.

With two full-length albums and multiple other releases as well as tours supporting luminaries like Interpol and Brandon Flowers under their belt, and having had their work produced, promoted, and put out by A-list flag-wavers Julian Casablancas (The Strokes, Cult Records) and David Sitek, the four-piece—whose name means “King Battery” in Spanish—are fully charged to release a new LP in autumn 2020.

The new songs collected on the upcoming LP were recorded in Diego Solórzano’s Mexico City home studio as well as at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas. After hearing the recordings, producer David Sitek stepped in for final production and mix from his Los Angeles quarters. The album signals a bigger, more stylistically varied sound for Rey Pila, who find themselves pushing the boundaries of the synth-and-guitar dance rock for which they have become known and exploring new genre-bending styles and influences.

It’s just a rockin’ boppin’ good time, indeed.

Diego Solórzano, Rodrigo Blanco, Andrés Velasco and Miguel Hernández make up this tantalizing band.

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