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Reykjavik Kids – Century

Breaking time and space, the brooding sounds of ‘Century’ comes unbound for our ears to unfurl. And this package of distortion of histrionics and stance comes about with REYKJAVIK KIDS. A duo electronica / post-punk invocation made up of Paul Tissington and Scott Munro, gathers its powers from the darkness but shines a brilliant glimmer of the past, prolonging its swath of positivity for the growth of your heart and mind. The duo works virtually (Scott residing in Los Angeles USA; Paul residing in Newcastle UK), and music flows from a diabolically danceable altruism and fans out to the coursing pump of self-indulgence, which retains its aim to remind us of something greater. Looking out to the vast side-walks of the past, you look towards the accelerating high-way for life. The message of ‘Century’ is of you. Your unrelenting gut-check to persevere, even in a state of coma; a gestured resistance to the norm, but as of yet, just unsure how to go about the coup. But you know it’s right. You know it’s what you need. In 2019, there will be a string of singles from REYKJAVIK KIDS. Word.

Smiling At Strangers – Everything After

Off of his debut self-titled 8 track album, SMILING AT STRANGERS, takes a stroll across to the green grasses of knowledge and mulls over what has and will be for his life – his often pension for living in the future and not the current. The protagonist of ‘Everything After, contains all of the regrets and the trepidations in moving forward that we all come to feel at some time of our lives. And within the course of the long string of possibilities, dotted in disappoints, tragedies, dissatisfactions and stresses, we still live today, and thrive. A self-survival switch turns on from within and never is turned off. It supports our ways to compromise and in that realization, we succumb, to a degree of ‘normalcy’. But it’s a double edged sword, and as that cast of ‘normalcy’ blooms, our jealousy at the ‘greener pastures’ grow. When can that balloon of haste and wonderment be popped and broken? Ultimately it is up to us. Up to our sense to ‘move on’ and accept to a degree, how our lives have become. Taking the best moments and now, try to amplify the best we can. ‘Everything After’ is of true strength. Not of Superman or Avengers overacting, but of real men and women. Marc Halls is SMILING AT STRANGERS and it’s a statement for our times.

Floral Couches – Feelings I Can’t Control

Chicago musician and songwriter Cody Gray is FLORAL COUCHES. A succulent r&b tinged synth-pop shimmer of a project, Cody’s delicate and affectionate vocals dither with fingers tapping on the table of life, splaying out the innards of how it is to be who you are. Love, tension, suppositions – all culminate at the corner of emotional debt and personal growth, as Cody’s music seeps into the mahogany fibers, to help you look at things in a different light. Cody likes to write about the often obvious frailties of our being. The encountered mix of the pains interwoven via the happiness of small victories, account for an ample sounding wall for material that resonates without frittering away its impact. The countless lives that loved and were dismissed, lives in the folds of FLORAL COUCHES’ notes, both fighting and resisting the status quo, but seemingly always on the knife’s edge of disillusionment. As Cody puts it about this single he says it is “a sexy song about confusing lust and love when really the feeling is entirely unreciprocated from the other person but not letting go.” A general problem of our species sometimes, no? But a problem that makes our character what it is. We’re not robots, after all.

Vilnes – Story Unsaid

Eivind Vilnes offers some story telling in an effervescent indie-folk stride. VILNES’ single ‘Story Unsaid’ incorporates classic instruments that envelope our ears with a warm hug. The single is about ‘choices’ and how those turn into that fork in the road becomes part of our individual make up and stories to be told. Like an oil prospector, the upbeat vibe of this folk-tale describes of a youth that comes to realize the calling for individuality and taking the chance to become something that he knows is deep inside. The world seems to the protagonist’s oyster, and it he can’t wait to eat the goodness of this world, to mold, to share, to manifest. ‘Story Unsaid’ is that start of that journey, and the excitement for the things to come. Eivind continues his journey, and he’d like you to come along for the ride.

Angela Aux – Wanna Be A Woman

From his latest album, ‘In Love With The Demons’, ANGELA AUX brings a pragmatic look at a notion of love and affection in his single ‘Wanna Be a Woman’. “Raised by a feminist mum and three sisters on the bavarian countryside I was twisted through all sorts of ideas and misunderstandings about what women and men could or should be or act like. It’s maybe the most important question regarding the future of life on this planet. I like the idea that the song is windig up men’s brains and they suddenly start to sing it in public while waiting for a bus or in the supermarket.” The project ANGELA AUX is the artistic endeavor of Heiner Hendrix, who is a multi-faceted artist who produces works in poems, short-stories, and music. The multi-talented student and purveyor of art, is dedicated to adding to the ethereal discourse of our world, in the best way he can muster. His music reflects that thrust in philosophy, with alchemic folk tinged in experimental sentimentalisms, crusted around the edges with the knowing know-ables that tries its best to catapult its listeners in a different direction. Food for thought; a penny for that thought – ANGELA AUX divulges just enough to tantalize and tease. “When the ship comes around he’ll be counting speech bubbles somewhere out in the forcefields,” added Heiner, “who could win a rabbit while living on a dirty road all of his life? we need someone or something new: the fear of error is error itself.” Interesting project? Dang right.


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