Rhumba Club ‘Pocket Machine’ : You won’t deny the dancey moves. You will get on that feel-good amble.

Rhumba Club

Owning up to his smartphone addiction, Rhumba Club (Tom Falle), dreams of physical intimacy without his ‘Pocket Machine’. A retro-futuristic soundscape, filled with synth flutes and Kate Bush-style drum loops, looks forward to a time when connections are made ‘without the touch of a screen’. A timely lyric, perhaps, given the limitations on human contact as a result of Covid-19, no?

Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Touch Sensitive – vibes that depict points in a decade, Rhumba Club has a distinction of commencing between the velvet drapes of culture and emotive extravagance in embrace.

Tom’s effervescent wit and acceptance gives the kind of charm that warms anyone’s listening ears. A tell-tale story teller for the wear of life’s drags, Rhumba Club delivers in that hooky synth driven extravaganza in shine.

You won’t deny the dancey moves. You will get on that feel-good amble of ‘Pocket Machine’.


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