Ric Birtill ‘El Popo’ : Helps flip up the proverbial corner of that old sticker on your laptop… and life.

Ric Birtill

Ric Birtill’s songs will test your sense for reality. Much of our lives, we hide in a way behind the mask of social mores and accepted veneers. Ric’s songs dig deep into his own plights. While doing so, it helps flip up the proverbial corner of that old sticker on your laptop, so in a sense helping start the conversation of getting rid of that past that you just don’t want right now in your vicinity.

Life is hard. Life is weird. Life is what it is. Ric thinks we should have a less thicker clear coast and just live what you are.

​Ric’s deeply personal song-writing has many tongue-in-cheek moments alongside macabre themes. His huge character and humorous manor transcends performance, inviting the audience to be drawn into his own cynical and lovesick universe.

He is a song-writer who delights in the supposedly dull and mundane, concocting songs which have the ability to draw microscopic attention to otherwise seemingly trivial situations, such as being asked by a landlord to change parking spaces; working in customer services and applying for jobs online.

See? Life isn’t one catastrophe, but a snow ball of small annoyances and illogical contextrual ‘fires’.

Ric writes about them in ‘Pullin’ a Sicki’ (album out now), so you can bop and jeer at your similar situation. Of course, while humming and drinking a pint in smiles.

Good deal, we say.


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