Richard Berger ‘It’s Not Gonna Go Away’ : Showing empathy for a man and man’s heart for what’s to come in this world.

Richard Berger

Richard Berger draws from the psychedelic electronica to the shoegazy bedroom alternatives. In his latest single ‘It’s Not Gonna Go Away’, he continue on a personal and mystical journey.

Richard’s yearning falsetto brings the lyrics, “I wish I was younger …” to a place of possible recompense for the years gone by. Looking back to the mistakes of youth and their imprints on middle-age, Richard’s existence, emboldens and possibly amplifies the righteousness of a life led fully.

The Los Angeles resident (originating from the East Coast), was in the band Shrinking Violets playing small bars in the East Village (NYC) and in NJ, during the 90’s. Now he says “I figured it was time to get out there and see if I could connect with an audience.”

With woozy indie reciprocation, the shine and shimmer of a long gone era, returns into full bloom in this single. Showing empathy for a man and man’s heart for what’s to come in this world, the music of Richard Berger, shows truth and honesty for all to connect.


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