Richard Frenneaux ‘Arcades’ : Got to be in the game, if you want a chance to win.

Or lose.

Richard Frenneaux

‘Arcades’ is the debut single from Brisbane Australia based songwriter and producer, ex-frontman of post-punk band Red Light Company. The single is a gritty, dreamy, and vigorous song brought to life by Frenneaux’s rich production and unique vocals.

Said Richard: “’Arcades’ is a song about coming to terms with the realisation that those halcyon days of summer have to come to an end; the endless cycle of substances, relationships and games that all meet at the same conclusion. There is that optimism which comes with youthful expression. This quickly turns from carefree to dysphoria and you discover that you’re doing it to yourself.”

Lustful and melancholically vibrant, the incantations of fools for love, comes to pass in this allegorical presage for games and those who lose. We’ve all been there. We’ve all lost, won, and lost again. It’s the world at play, and you’re a pawn – sometimes.

Got to be in the game, if you want a chance to win. Right?

Get in.


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