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Riches – Spirit

Catherine McCandless (formerly of Montreal duo Young Galaxy), announces her debut solo project Riches, and her first single ‘Spirit’. “I had been feeling like my career as a recording musician was threatened and unsustainable, and stepping into our home studio to lay down the vocal felt like it had this fear still fresh in me. Beginning to really sing it made me feel like I could run it off, fly away from it, and be totally washed over by my love of singing – completely possessed.” Doggedly mystical. Albatross for the grandest of dreams. The grays and the brown under-stresses, combine in a carry of void music, exploding in that chanting lust of voice and future vision. Catherine’s incandescent ambitions, collide in a Universal amphitheater in expertise. Whether the sunshines of positivity, seals the negativity, there’s only one confidence: ‘Spirit’ drives you with grinding loops of heart pounding anticipation, and rather gruesome infatuations in grim but eternal audible fabulousness. Catherine continued: “I wanted to create an antidote to combat that feeling of being helplessly swept away by the tides of commercialism, among other things. I had to create the thing that would drive me to unfamiliar, challenging and exciting places.”

HENK – Nowhere To Go

Quinten Meiresonne is the 22 year old soul behind the project HENK. The band completed with Chayenne van der Kooij, Camiel Meiresonne, Thijs van Teijlingen, Javier Den Leeuw, and Maurizio Pinna, take to serous task in holding you by your denims and riding into the sunset of your mind and heart. The dusty roads of the past dissipate with a dry good-bye, replaced promptly in the moist and eventful fullness of blues and rock packages of HENK. Rough around the edges pop songs. Songs that stand on the toes of The Stones, while apologizing to Dylan and Bowie. HENK is a band with musicians from Son Mieux, WOOT, The Deaf, The Silverfaces and Taymir. And HENK is a band that you want to hear, and then some.

Big Society – Give Me My Name

“‘Give me my name’ speaks to that escalated moment where there is nothing left to receive and nothing left to kick in.” Beautiful indie rock innocence live within the production of Big Society’s ‘Give Me My Name’. In the best traditions of vibrant and gorgeous livery of bands like KEANE, Big Society comes up big in this single. The delivery of beauty is a chance at being deliberate and meaningful. ‘Give Me My Name’ with drizzling guitars, coaxing vocals invitations, and flow of admiration, shows us the vastness of a prevailing open wilderness. The band has appeared at Live At Leeds, The Great Escape, and Hit The North festivals this year, you’ll be able to catch Big Society later this summer when they join Bob Dylan and Neil Young in Hyde Park, plus also at Standon Calling and Cotton Clouds Festival. See them next @ Northern Quarter, Manchester for Off The Record 2019, Manchester November 15th.

Mysterious Stains – Crusty J.

“Based in Jacksonville FL and recorded in the back of a stolen U-Haul truck. Meant to hearken back to late 70’s punk rock from the East coast and across the pond.” That’s what Mysterious Stains said. And you will believe, yo. Bass, to raw baritone vocals, to guitars that drive with angsty humor, taunts you and you get it. You get that it’s a flash of flesh, in audible form. You get that it’s a flash of gold, in a forest of coal. You get that it’s about something that is within you; something you just don’t want to share. But you must. You must get that niggling feeling out of your system. Punk, rock, and don’t give a sh*t. That’s where Mysterious Stains, linger and scrape the back of your neck – instigating a perverted rock n’ roll vision, you’d never wanted to own, but where it owns you, in part. Jacksonville, Florida based. Yo.

Bloodwork – Dark Drinking Days

“I wrote this at my desk during the shift from summer to autumn and during a tough time for my wife and her family. I was also struggling pretty badly with depression at the time.” All negativity comes at a price. The negativity comes all at once. Disasters come in threes. Excruciating frustration, fall on your head, with no mercy. They do and they won’t stop coming. We live in a sea soup of bad and worse. But it’s finding our ways to deflect the waves of harm, just enough – that’s where we find some sanity and sanctity – an island of and for hope. Can you make it over to the other side? Maybe. We’ll try. And when we get over this hump, we’ll, together, celebrate. Get some rest. Then we’ll prepare for the next worst moments, in hopes of conquering for better, once more. Bloodwork is a songwriter/producer duo based in Long Beach, CA making exuberant pop for the depressed. They are currently at work on a singles compilation album (coming 2020).


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