Richie Quake ‘Don’t Call Me’ : From confusion of the heart. Clarity becomes.

Richie Quake

Brooklyn raised artist, producer, and DJ, Richie Quake makes music that’s meant to be felt.

From the confusion of the heart, a kind of clarity evokes with salty embers and a noxiously real embrace, which only relationships and its ilk can thrust. A thrust of unbelieving testaments of truth and gander, drops off of the branch of sanity and reason, like the browning petals of a 100 year old oak.

Just a seasonal prevalence. But it still hurts like no other.

You close your eyes, and feel what had been happiness. But you must move on.

Influenced by artists from past and present, Quake blends the timeless with the timely, creating something that feels nostalgic while still pushing the envelope and creating music that is relatable and undeniably human.


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