RIELL ‘First’ : Sing out loud break-up anthem. Only makes you stronger.


Destined to be a sing out loud break-up anthem for years to come with powerful single, ‘First’. It is the 3rd single to be released from RIELL’s debut album PARADISE which will be out on October 31st.

“I wrote ‘First’ at the end of summer, one week after moving to England for a semester abroad, in my tiny dorm room on an old, beat up guitar that I bought at a second hand store for 10 pounds,” said RIELL. “I was changing everything about my environment, so I was inspired to think about altering my perspective on past and future relationships. Instead of asking if I was good enough for somebody, I wondered what it would be like to ask if they were good enough for me. The video jumps from flashback clips from the past 2 videos, as well as foreshadowing clips from an upcoming video, to shots of some of the most beautiful places I could think of: an altering of perspective.”

Following the release of ‘Stubborn’ and ‘Control of Me’, the ‘First’ video is the 3rd in a series of 5 connected videos that will be released ahead of RIELL’s debut album. The music video concept is about growing from past mistakes, as shown in the ‘Stubborn’ and ‘Control of Me’ videos prefacing it, and ending up somewhere better because of it.

RIELL has charted over 65 times across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa with her top track hitting #1 in Taiwan in the Electronic charts. Along with this, she has played dates across three international tours spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and Canada.


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