RIIKI Shares ‘High Heights’. “Her fresh vibes and expressive vocals, win the day.”

Power comes easy with RIIKI. Her vocal honesty, drives the engine that makes her single ‘High Heights’ such an attractive single.

RIIKI said: “There’s a quirky and very light-hearted mood to the song, because the song is actually about quite an odd and funny story to do with a seagull which was getting bullied by other seagulls because I fed it a chip…”

Odd? Nope. The world is a big place. Our minds, for some, maybe larger in perspectives (and mystery) than the width and depth of the Oceans.

“I’ve never gained inspiration from something as weird as observing seagulls before, but I was inspired to write a track about being belittled by someone, but proving you are a bigger person than them. I guess I used the scenario as a good metaphor. You wouldn’t have a clue at all unless I told the story.”

The Wellington born 20 year old is easy make a part of any rotation. For her attention to the genuine urges of song making, constructs with in-depth clarity. The voice of her intentions, parried by the intentions of her purposeful arrangement, tickles your sensibilities of what modern pop could be. The selective extravagance of the subtle touches of ‘High Heights’, is both grand and mercurial – damning our attention-span to focus on the beauty of this delicious song.

RIIKI’s music is influenced by names such as Yellow Days, James Blake, JeffBuckley, Sampha, Mermaidens, Toro y moi, Steve Lacy and Jorja Smith to name a few.

But at the end of the day, her fresh vibes and expressive vocals, win the day – and how.


Look for more from the pop songstress.



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