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Riley Lauren Shares Beautifully Inlaid Single ‘So Lucky’. “Whom can make our normal, just very extraordinary.”

Floating and prancing, they were in love. There’s just nothing like that feeling, of being wanted – being needed – feeling you belong. He makes your heart a-flutter. Her gaze makes your knees turn into jello.

And that’s the emotions expanded by the vocals of RILEY LAUREN.

The talented 18 year old, singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, touches with the supple caress, we sometimes need in our lives. As the dramatic keys play on, her vocals resonate in that moist standard of singing about someone we care so deeply about.

Love songs are a dime a dozen, but Riley’s attitude is correctly and emphatically amplified to excellence in this single.

It makes us want to fall in love.

It makes us want to have that partner, whom can make our normal, just very extraordinary.

‘So Lucky’ is the 2nd single she’s released, and the theatre trained artist, is attending Temple University, singing, writing, and performing.

We can’t wait to see her really roll up her sleeves in her pop career.



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