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riley parker – Vandalized

riley parker’s debut single ‘Vandalized’ becomes a definition for what it is like to be lost and confused by the power that attempts to suffocate and nullify the world around you. Sexual assault and harassment is the key to the single, which takes nothing away from the seriousness and adds fully the feelings of guilt and loneliness victims might embrace. It’s a drizzly dream-state of a single, unfettered in its meaning of defiance.

Alessandro Ciminata – Lost In Your Arms

The London based talent, ALESSANDRO CIMINATA, mixes lyrics as raw as a country-rock ballad, with the danceability of new-wave of the future. The gnostic recompense in tone and relevance drive Alessandro’s offerings. The melancholic approach and staggered steps of the protagonist in ‘Lost In Your Arms’ is the personal image of what reciprocation of a lover can feel like. Warm, compassionate, a remaining shield from the outside world. With momentum in Alessandro’s corner, we’re glad to have the opportunity to see his music spread.

ZENDR & James Chatburn – Simply No Better

‘Simply No Better’ is a textured kaleidoscope of colors, highlighted by instrumental pieces that singer JAMES CHATBURN makes his own, in this collaboration with artist/producer ZENDR. The jazzy brass emboldens the emotions to come out of the fold. The sunshine soaks into your very soul, as James’ classic and decadent vocals interpret the thoughts running through your mind. This extra chill single makes it okay for all occasions. Turn it up. Let’s dance.

Unknown Caller – See You Again

‘See You Again’ is a lyrical experience. The perfection is of UNKNOWN CALLER, and it’s irresistible. The dream-pop aesthetics is daggered with the sharp and enduring compact between the soul and love. The edges of your mind impacts your cause for being. As UNKNOWN CALLER puts it: “‘See You Again’ is about people and places that appear in your life – perhaps briefly, perhaps enduring – and impact your worldview in a way you don’t always realize in the moment. There’s something refreshing about the spontaneity of certain interactions, especially during a period where every connection is trackable. The meaning also parallels never being able to see a person again because of change, but there’s a certain beauty in remembering them as they once were.” We as humans, absorb particles of life, in many different ways. That’s a good thing. Catch UNKNOWN CALLER’s fever of goodness, again and again.

Hussy – Forever

Can ‘death-metal’ exist in a musical soul such as HUSSY? We think so, and her presentation is delicious because of that dynamic. What we mean is that the essence of what makes death-metal what it is, exists in a cellular level with HUSSY’s productions. It’s what grounds our senses to what she offers. In ‘Forever’, the chanting to the power chords, demurely counter acting with her soft but caressing contrast of a voice, confuses then devours. And when music becomes this giant of a project, new and undeniable – that’s when you have HUSSY. Sophie Nicole Ellison is HUSSY, and she conquers YOUR world, one song at a time. There’s no escape. Succumb to ‘Forever’. We recommend you do.


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