Riley Pearce ‘Ceramic Real Estate’ : Understated breadth in affection, a lyrical camaraderie blossoms.

Riley Pearce / Photo: Tashi Hall

From his EP ‘Maybe I Can Sleep It Off’ (September 25th), beautifully silhouetted artist of brilliant emotions, Riley Pearce, comes at us with the lovingly intimate single ‘Ceramic Real Estate’. And with it, Riley explores his “relationship with his craft, both lyrically and musically”, where he calls it “a breakup song to all of the half-written tunes I never got around to finishing.”

Riley said of ‘Ceramic Real Estate’: “I read a book last year called ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. She discusses the notion that ideas are these living spirits in the world that visit people in the hope of being realised and leave to find another subject if they don’t get the attention they require. I wrote ‘Ceramic Real Estate’ as if a song I had failed had decided to leave me. The process somewhat empowered me to not let this happen again, to give my all towards an idea whilst I was inspired but also to create more freely. I thought, ‘Alright, I need to be deserving of these good ideas. More good ideas will come to me by putting in the effort’.”

A self-help single? An improvement anthem? A progressive declaration?


Riley, in his wholly introspective heart and mind, strives to do so everyday. And just like his other human being on this earth, there are times we do are very best and not so, in others. But being mindful of what you do and not doing, is always the given place where certain beauty of accomplishment can be assessed.

With ‘Ceramic Real Estate’, in that Roy Orbison, Bob Seger or David Grey kind of understated breadth in affection, a lyrical camaraderie blossoms and Riley hits it out of the park.



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