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Rina Sawayama – Ordinary Superstar

“Take back the fight. It’s worth the time.” Rina Sawayama’s Ordinary Superstar is decadent. Yep. It’s fun, catchy, pop – but you don’t care.

The 90’s pop/R&B influences and aesthetics just oozes out of this fantastic diddy.

In certain elements and attitudes, the song reminds me of some songs from Cover Girls, En Vogue, Britney Spears, Brownstone, SWV.

But it’s different. The timing of the arrangement is different, the level of attitude is mellow but different, the lyrics and the sensibility are different.

That’s why it’s decadent, and delicious.

When listening to the rest of her self titled album, ‘Rina’ – it’s just bursting with what’s been relayed to you above. A song after song, delight of 90’s feeling (but not exactly) musical crushes and myths.

It’s what we think we remember.

And that’s the key.

“Precisely, Oscar. It’s what you’d been afraid to love.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t be afraid to embrace it. We know. It’s good for you. Open your mind.”

“What do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about”, he replied with a little frown.

“Love me. ‘Cause I love you.”

He couldn’t stop the tears from starting.

He was relieved.

Ultimately, the packaging and direction Rina has gone with this song is fabulous and ‘re-play-able’.

It’s fun, awesome for sunny car trip to the beach, and great for satisfying one’s secret pop/R&B sweet tooth.

Go, Rina. Go.

We dig her, and her sensibilities – just like her many fans.




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