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Rip Junior Shares ‘One Track Mind’. Jacksonville Based Rock Band’s Single Is A ‘Cleansing’.

Jacksonville FL based rock band RIP JUNIOR’s single ‘One Track Mind’ is a ‘cleansing’.

Evan’s vocals is so ‘money’ to use the 90’s terminology. It caresses you like it should, and you’re okay with that when he sings the way he does. Think of his vocals as something out of Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell’s distinctive use of his vocal elements. At least we think so.

When we say ‘cleansing’, we mean that the construction of the single, signals the washing out of the cobwebs in that head of yours. Feels good don’t it?? Yes it does. Yes it does.

The 90’s and early 2000’s influence is apparent, but RIP JUNIOR’s brand of music is not just ‘nostalgia’ – it’s what’s ‘good’ about rock and how it will be for a long, long time.

Deep breath.

Take a deep breath.

The gang opened up their salvos with an EP release in 2017 named ‘A Wolf in Human Clothing’. If this EP didn’t educate you on what and how the band was going to slash through the music industry, you must be tone-def.

They’ve just begun with their onslaught and we feel good watching them gain the foothold they deserve.

Jacksonville’s lucky to have them.



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