Ritt Momney Shares ‘Pollution / Disclaimer’. “Dance. Express. Get sick. Get better.”

Sometimes throughout our expositions within day-in-day writing and working, we come across an artist who just pours out ‘talent’ like it’s just breathing air. RITT MOMNEY is one of those moments.

Jack Rutter is the lead of this project, and when listening to his single ‘Pollution / Disclaimer’, it is (1) Involved, (2) Over-Arching, (3) Spacial, and (4) represents a kind of Multi-Chaptered Travel guide, which you’d never asked for, but you realize the future isn’t really better without it.

Get sad.

Accept this criteria of your life.





Desperation and insolvent destitution, of your flattered but misguided emotions, become tattered. Tattered, like the jeans you have owned, but became close friends. One, two, five, ten years of friendship.

It’s odd when things go south.

So, you sing. Dance. Express. Get sick. Get better.

‘Pollution / Disclaimer’ is that broadway musical you want. It’s that kaleidoscope you always knew you had in your head.

It’s a thing of beauty.

“I tend to write my songs about whatever aspect of my life is my biggest stressor at the moment. When I wrote Pollution it was about my ex girlfriend going away to college. The majority of the important people in my life had just left on LDS (Mormon) missions or gone to college. Being a pretty anti-social person, it was kind of just me in my cell-block-ish dorm room writing songs for a few months.”

“And while Pollution is about breaking free of the stress she caused me, Disclaimer is about breaking free of the stress my music causes me. I don’t want to keep conforming to what I think the fans want. There was a lot of that going on in the writing/production of our two most recent songs, and I wanted to tell the people listening that I never promised them more songs like “Something, in General” … or more songs at all. It’s nice to have people who like my music and it’s very rewarding, but I never entered into an agreement with them saying that I would make songs they love as long as they keep telling me they love them.”

“The rapping thing I do in Disclaimer was meant to be indicative of this idea, the idea of prioritizing what I want to make over what they want to hear, and what I wanted was to step out of my comfort zone artistically. I’m generally pretty insecure about my image and what others think of me, and often caught myself worrying about peoples’ potential reactions to a white kid from SLC rapping. Leaving the rap in the final version of the song was more of a psychological exercise than anything else.” – Jack Rutter, lead singer.


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