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Ritual Talk shares ‘More Than I Can Mention’.

Ritual Talk is a psychedelic indie rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. But are they? Combining the best of psyche rock, with elements of blues, 70’s soft-rock, and dang-honest-to-goodness soulfulness – We think they are much more. And they bring it. In their latest single ‘More Than I Can Mention’, this time adds another layer of whimsy to the fore – always attune to solid presentation and attitude.

“I wrote this song years ago about a friend of mine who was grumpy all the time, no matter what. All things considered, he had a pretty great life, but could never make it out of that funk…”

Although not having the beautiful harmonies done between Alex DeSimine and Alex Tremitiere (i.e. debut album singles ‘Follow You’, ‘All In Blue’), we think the break in the tradition is healthy and so fun to listen to.

And that also means, we get to be even more anticipatory about their Next album offering =D

Anywho, the band is a band to view and listen to, live. We closed our eyes and imagines what it would be like, and we told ourselves – ‘yea. Their songs should translate awesome live on stage’ (and yes, that’s how we talk to ourselves, sometimes).

“…in that tricky way songs have – [it] turned back towards me, telling me to keep my own head up when I’m coming down. Funny how that works.” – Alex DeSimine.

‘Colorfulness’ is surely one of the adjectives of the band. Down to earth is what the band encompasses in their songs. Hopefulness is what they want to preach to their audience – with a twist of lime to go with the sunshine.

The band consists of: Alex DeSimine (Vocals, Guitar), Alex Tremitiere (Vocals, Bass), Tom Criblez (Vocals, Drums, Percussion), Dylan Gleit (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion), and TJ Alcala (Vocals, Keys).

Their debut EP, ‘Rippled Glass’, is out now for purchase [HERE]

If you haven’t guessed, we dig their output.

They’ve had a banner latter half of 2017, and we think their 2018 will see even greater conquests.

Heck yea! Go, go!


Several Tour Dates:
C’mon Everybody w/ Daisy the Great
Brooklyn, NY

Greasy Luck Brewpub w/ Sun Parade
New Bedford, MA

Stella Blues w/ Auguste & Alden
New Haven, CT

StageOne w/ Future Generations
Fairfield, CT


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