Rituals of Mine ‘HEAVYWEIGHT’ : Clinging to them as for survival.

See them next @ Treefort Music Fest 2020, March 25th.

Rituals Of Mine

See and experience the companion music video for Rituals Of Mine’s single ‘Heavyweight’.

Terra Lopez and live percussionist Adam Pierce, work together to make RITUALS OF MINE like anything else. Subdued and dusty, in form and format, it overcomes with extra capacity of resoundingly earthly textures – out of the blue and out of nowhere.

Mix of Bjork, Massive Attack, kind of progressive digital resurgence, RITUALS OF MINE is a beautifully detailed and fluid incorporation of mind and body.

“For a long time I didn’t go to therapy, and I used music as a release.” explained Lopez. “I’m able to convey on stage what I can’t off stage, and these songs that we’ve written and performed — I’ve clung to them as a means of survival almost.”

See them next @ Treefort Music Fest 2020, March 25th.

‘Heavyweight’ is a part of this beautifully cathartic vibe of the band. It is further memorialized and amplified within their latest EP, ‘Sleeper Hold’ (Carpark Records). It’s available now.


Rituals Of Mine


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