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Rituals of Mine Shares ‘Heavyweight’ Off Of Upcoming EP, ‘Sleeper Hold’ (Oct 4th).

Ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum. Bump in the night, engorged with emotional hesitancy – devoured, and limbless. The cowardice of it all, relegated to the recalcitrant reticence – bulging with insignificance, but at the same time – everything to bear.

Terra Lopez and live percussionist Adam Pierce, work together to make RITUALS OF MINE like anything else. Subdued and dusty, in form and format, it overcomes with extra capacity of resoundingly earthly textures – out of the blue and out of nowhere.

Mix of Bjork, Massive Attack, kind of progressive digital resurgence, RITUALS OF MINE is a beautifully detailed and fluid incorporation of mind and body.

“For a long time I didn’t go to therapy, and I used music as a release.” explained Lopez. “I’m able to convey on stage what I can’t off stage, and these songs that we’ve written and performed—I’ve clung to them as a means of survival almost.”

Poetry from tragedy, bloomed a notebook of thoughts and resiliency, during Terra’s youth in South Sacramento.

A rich and full bodied body of work is what RITUALS OF MINE is all about. And with the two driving the edges ever bulging out towards the stars of imagination in personal explorations, there will be much interest for times to come.

Terra’s vocals add the kind of weight and oomph, that is needed for the project to work.

It does so, with flying and darkly effervescent effect.

See them next for “The Sound of Visibility: A Fundraiser to Benefit TLC” @ Bandcamp Oakland, California on September 20th.



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