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Riva Taylor Shares ‘My Mouth’. Get Swept Into The Statement Of What We Can Be.

RIVA TAYLOR’s ‘My Mouth’ is power. Listening to it for the first time was the impression it’s offering of that one ‘ticket’ to the broadway show of enlightenment and self-knowledge. The single fastidiously brings the part of you, deep within, to well up and signify its acknowledgement, its core difference, and of its relevance.

Sometimes we get down, right? By ourselves, by others – and it gets tiresome very quickly.

It shouldn’t be that way.

We’ve always loved Jessie Ware for a long while, and from an arms length point of view, Riva is just like that of that girl who you’d want to be a part of, and emulate. If you’re looking for that far away friend who can get you ‘up and going’, ‘My Mouth’ has the tone to do so.

“For me, it is a statement track,” she says. “It’s about people not talking and I think we’re all guilty of getting caught up in that, in relationships, at work, wherever. It says something powerful without over-talking or over-shouting it.”

Well, anywho. Riva brings it in this single as she’s done countless times with others.

Take a glimpse.

Maybe she’ll be in your rotation, someday.




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