River Into Lake ‘Grande Prairie’ : Upbeat beauty, hidden in the darkest and private of public stories.

River into Lake

Following LP ‘Let the Beast Out’, the gang in River into Lake follows up with this beautiful prog-rock synth amalgamation named ‘Grande Prairie’.

“Grande Prairie is a special place in the region of Bouillon,” said the band. “A small village in the south of Belgium. A place where we were going to celebrate the end of exams with friends, some of whom have disappeared. It’s a song that talks about recklessness, the strength of youth heckled by the movements of society that seems to sink straight into the wall.”

‘Grande Prairie’ the song exists on a plain to which shows the darkness in light. The dangerous in comfort. The meaningful in the hurried. A contrating juxtaposition of human endeavor and mis-treatments, layer into the sophistry and dramatic surprises, within fears.

The single delights in upbeat beauty, hidden in the darkest and private of public stories.

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