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River Meets Sea // Melby // Cat Princess // Niko // A Horse With A Horn

River Meets Sea – Rest On Me

You wanted to cross that river? That’s where RIVER MEETS SEA’s confidence – the anthem for that stronger you – comes to play. In ‘Rest On Me’ the formerly known JOE OSBORNE & THE WINTER MOON, gets to the crux of what makes part of our lives delicious and something to look forward to. The band plays with controlled abandon, as the song drives and drives your excitement across that divide, once more. It’s a transition of the mind, the heart, the soul – a deliverance to another higher being of you.

Melby – Dancer

Like a troubadour of another era, MELBY always delivers the goods. Matilda’s dancing vocals sparkle any night, as the story telling of personal pangs delight and cause much pause. “Dancer is a pretty messy description of nightlife and mingling, but like a downward spiral before the crash. You can’t tell nights or people apart, and you’re kind of bored and blasé about it. It’s a lot about decadence and decay, but also about having fun, freedom and reckless youth before adulthood.” MELBY’s always been like this – brooding but airy, nonchalant but ever focused, permanent but always on the move. It’s a perfect storm that MELBY always provides with a wink. Look out for their debut album ‘None of this makes me worry’ which drops April 12th.

Cat Princess – Sweet

Uppsala Sweden 5 piece CAT PRINCESS does things their own way. Never the same, never thrice. That’s why the band is fab, with fabulousness threaded on all of their clothing. And when Nils Krång distributes his lyrics, you float up to the sky with wings at your ankles, as the guitars tickle your fancy. You chuckle and giggle with delight, and smile to your heart’s content, when the band plays. The dancing shoes of your soul, pops and cranks to the odd but alluring beats of CAT PRINCESS. We’d been enamored with them for a long while. And there’s no running away, for the rhythms keep us coming back. Let them be in your rotation. The weekends start better, with CAT PRINCESS. Meowwww. Their debut LP drops ‘Forbidden Items’ is out May 17th.

Niko – Myself

“I really wonder if society can still be saved, with its mad presidents and various tensions. At the same time, there is also a megalomaniac edge in the song, it’s a nice ego trip,” thought provocatively, frontman Nik van den Berg of NIKO. Don’t worry Nik, it’s natural. At the height of this current political divide, it’s a good thing that there are some people who can think independently and deeply about the big picture. But you know what? Your song ‘Myself’ takes it another level, for after all the serious and doldrums of a portion of the world, we can start that party and have fun until the sun rises! Yes. Stress is pulled away, and we’ve been exorcised of the demons of the day. Thanks to ‘Myself’. This fun and rockin’ single is the antidote to a saturated and dull world. Kudos.

A Horse With A Horn – Better

Electro-pop project of A HORSE WITH A HORN – it is that niggling thought at the back of your brain. And it’s that ridiculous side of you which you’d never wanted take out of the pandora’s box. But you do anyway. Now you’re in trouble. So, what are you going to do? Then you had the answer: “Call AHWAH’s Derek Wanker. That’s it!” And we sigh like a disapproving parent and ask: “What are you talking about?! That’s how you got into this mess, in the first place!?” You turn, very dramatically and exclaim, “No. Derek’s song ‘Better’ puts back the spice into life.” Our jaws drop, as your mic drops as well. Touché. Los Angele based Derek Wanker is culture, and all of the things in life, expressed for the sole purpose of helping us all cope. Kudos.


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