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River String Lizards // Speak, Brother // Iridesce // Moon Loves Honey // The Exits

River String Lizards – Endless Maze

‘Endless Maze’ by RIVER STRING LIZARDS is so cool. Guitars, rowdy vocals, folk intentions, banjo – all the ingredients that drive and keep this fantastically unique rock offering, well..rockin’! Listen to the solo and you’ll quickly understand what the gang in RSL’s mindset is about their band and the songs. This exciting Finnish quintet are of their own Cosmos, just filling this Universe with fab music, where riffs, licks, and just about everything makes them just downright decadent. You just won’t be able to miss their excellence. And you shouldn’t.

Speak, Brother – Meet Me In The Chaos

With ambitions of approaching the door to that new opportunity of love, they walked through that possibility. This time, they were sure to make it a love that will last. A promise within the fibers of their living being, they watched as the door opened with grand greetings. The feeling of renewal draped over their senses. Their new life had been redefined. SPEAK, BROTHER’s ‘Meet Me In The Chaos’ dominates with hymnal paragons, it uplifts the spirit with massive affection. The song is of understanding and love, as it was partly constructed with the stories they’d heard about their fans’ predicaments.

Iridesce – Rise (Curtain Call)

The beckoning call for ‘what the next steps should be’ – asked in a state of shock and confusion in the single ‘Rise (Curtain Call)’ – is both endearing and gorgeous to listen to. Marco Spaeth states that this was the first time he’d been able to professionally record it. “We took an old track of ours and re-approached it from where we’re at now musically, and in the process completely re-invented its feel and vibe.” We think they’ve done a fantastic job with the recording, bringing out the obvious luminescence of the lyrics to where it naturally should reside. It’s just a beautiful single. The band consists of Marco Spaeth, James Doig, Thomas Guizzetti, and Vincent Lafont.

Moon Loves Honey – Not Only In My Dreams

A dreamy rock project of Jeppe Dengsø, the Dane works alone in his studio to create paintings of delight like this single ‘Not Only In My Dreams’. A first of a series of singles planned to be released, the melodic exploits of the single meets the vocals of Jeppe, turning the greetings into snowflakes of dancy beats and surreal haze. The fantastic animation in the video was done by Jane Winters of MassArt college of art & design.

The Exits – Gone

THE EXITES is a powerfully effective antidote for those parts of the week which brings you the doldrums. With dynamic chorus hooks, and pure excitement in the vocals of Jared Schneider, the band brings forth to the skies of this earth, single like ‘Gone’, which brings fabulous guitar solos, dipped in the song’s ultimate story of love and loss. With Ryan Calabrese (drums/vocals) and Zealand native Tom Harrison (bass), the trio with the touch, accelerates to ground breaking interventions of entertainment. “We grew up listening to great rock music,” Schneider explained. “And it doesn’t really seem to be well represented at the moment. We’re doing our part to make rock relevant again by incorporating some of the cool things we hear in modern music.” Indeed.


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