River Tramps ‘Like To Be Lonely’ : The songs sing, like there’s no tomorrow. While the duo revives your senses for an energized outlook on life.

River Tramps

Country folk-fried tunes dipped in a tongue-in-cheek sauce, is where the duo of River Tramps reside. And in that neighborhood, it’s fun in the sun goodness, that is of the best traditions of Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Tammy Wynette. The songs sing, like there’s no tomorrow. While the duo revives your senses for an energized outlook on life.

Said the duo: “The last line in Verse 2 describes the male character as egotistical, as she sourly reminds him that theres “only been one mans turned water into wine”. He in turn responds with you don’t know what it’s like to struggle as much as I do. She quickly rebuttals with a yes I do, because you’re my main source of aggravation, and I’d rather be alone than deal with you anyway.”

Deep soul and country goodness is within their wide ranging American roots music. From the bayou to the foothills of Appalachia, the essence of the hard times, co-mingle with the essence of moving forward and taking it to life, the best you can.

And maybe, during the journey, memorializing existence, with some good hearty laughs and endearing attitudes along the way.

River Tramps is Nashville-based and their music makes you smile.

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Adam and I have felt that prioritizing ourselves and our music at this time seemed out of place and a little self-righteous when there are so many other things that are needed to be focused on in the world right now. We want to constantly be a part of the change, but also bring joy into the mix when we are able to do so. Thank you all for your support to donating to the Nashville Bail Fund Association and standing with us for the Black Lives Matter movement. We are very passionate about educating ourselves and friends/family on how to wash pre-conceived biases out of the fabrics of day to day life. With all of this being said, last Friday we released our last single that is part of our EP “Like To Be Lonely”. It’s a fun tongue and cheek tune that’s Johnny & June inspired that I hope will bring a little lightheartedness to your week. We love you all, and let’s keep fighting the good fight ❤️ xx RT ✨Link in bio✨

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