River Whyless Shares ‘Darkness In Mind’ (Lyric Video).

River Whyless released their folk-rock psychedelia drenched lyrical single for the rest of us to lap up. And we sure do like lapping up songs like this. It’s has a ‘global’ feature to the song – meaning, the intrinsic malformation of what we are as humans are taken, sliced, then highlighted – educating our senses, loving life ‘even more’. Simple, really.

‘From Kindness, A Rebel’ is their latest album offering. Drops June 8.

But hard to replicate.

Wretchedly she moved ahead of the curve, then saw the curve catch up.

Her legs had to move faster.

They were cooperating to their discontent.

She concentrated harder.

Index and middle fingers held up against her dual temples, in parallel.

She squinted.

She gripped her lips.

“Move, I say!” she screamed silently.

The sweetness and the kindness in the presentation of the single is evident and much appreciated. It’s so very and easily likable. The strings of words propelled into action, summons the key memories in our heads – reminiscing with a smile.

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