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RKCB – Know Love

“We had both been reading a book by Alan Watts which ended up inspiring a lot of our new music,” according to RKCB. At the heart of it, it’s a song about witnessing, recognizing and accepting change. Lyrically, we just tried to capture a true moment in transition. It’s a very personal song about emotional growth but one we think can translate to many different situations.” RKCB is comprised of the memory inducing musical talents of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth. Demonstrated rightly in ‘Know Love’, the duo propels possibilities in how love could be. We all should love. Love, ‘Know Love’.

Andria Piperni – Say Something

With Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child as her childhood inspirations, ANDRIA PIPERNI strived to quickly drive her passion for music to higher and higher levels. The Montreal Canada based artist’s vocals is the undisputed highlight of everyone of her singles. With clarity and sometimes serrated affection for the subject matter, there’s just no denying her acumen for story telling and effect on the outcome.

Artifact Collective – Time For This

With ‘Time For This’ ARTIFACT COLLECTIVE brings all of the proper pop hypnosis in delicious beats and grooves, we fully expect.
The 6 member crew from Copenhagen, drives with excitement and explanations of malaise that is equivocal and ubiquitous. The r&b framed offerings, makes the emotions thrive and grow with each note.

Molly Rainford – I Like You

‘I Like You’ is the debut single from 17 year old MOLLY RAINFORD. With much momentum from the social media front and much excitement in the genre, the UK based artist will be headlining in April 2019, along with the debut EP release, at The Great Escape. Just begun.


Incantations in love’s magic, put upon the bodies of two moving naked solar babies. From within and without, the heat is necessarily in neck to neck with expectations of the heart. Rounding and surrounding, the corpses of past lovers, it instinctively raptures, in blossoms of clouds, soft yet cold, precipitating from nothing and to the beyond. Blush is a collaboration with D.Ellison.

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