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RKCB Shares ‘Till We’re In The Sea’. “Ethereal and other worldly atmospherics. Positivity Exudes.”

Los Angeles’ soulful electro duo RKCB comes back this time with the sultry and story laden single ‘Till We’re In The Sea’. The single is off of the upcoming new EP ‘Shores’ due to drop February 22nd.

So, what is the story that is woven into the single that is ‘Till We’re In The Sea’? It is the relationship (or the lack of it) with this terrestrial home that we call Earth. And on a macro sense, our daily and small interaction with the Earth, we add to that conversation, either positively or negatively. A degree of extremes, it is a story that is akin to and ‘investment’ of sorts for not the next year or the year after that – but it is a laying down the ground work for our future generations far off into the future.

Global warming. Climate change. In some circles, is a subject that is non-sense. In some circles it is a subject that is critical. In most circles of humanity, it is something that isn’t worth talking about.

RKCB wants to add to that conversation of mixed feelings, angst, and mis-trust, in a different way. A way of engaging and outwardly welcoming the past history in the science, caressing the weary in heart.

It’s a complex issue and mission, for we humans feel so small to seem to have any effect on mother Earth. But large things happen, with small mundane acts of action.

“’Till We’re in the Sea’ was inspired by zooming out of our everyday experience with nature and trying to look at a larger timeline,” stated the band. “We wanted to ask some bigger questions about our relationship with nature as a species, as we’ve evolved, and what the next phase of that is. As you grow with something, whether a partner, a place, anything really, it’s important to step back and take stock, and this song was us trying to do that with the world around us, and see what we’re bringing to the table.”

RKCB’s avant-garde lyrical works, combined with ethereal and other worldly atmospherics, bring new angles to a fusion of thoughts and expressions. Contrast in dreamy synths and seriously terrestrial subjects, make the duo very much a delicious experience.



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