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RLETTO // Kevin Holliday // Tammy B // Janie May // Julian Daniel

RLETTO – Finish Line

Rletto’s new single “Finish Line!” A track telling his lover to STOP playing with his heart and to meet him at the Finish Line when the games are over. Rletto is a singer, songwriter and entertainer from Orlando, FL. Combining the genres of Pop, R&B and EDM, Rletto puts on a show worth remembering. Rletto has performed with members of Beyonce’s all original female band, Lucius the band, Rosanne Cash and many more. Graduating from Berklee college of music in 2018, Rletto has continued to further his career as a performer with plans on moving to Atlanta, GA the start of 2019.

Kevin Holliday – Grassblade Love

‘Space Cadet’ is the latest EP from Kevin Holliday whose narrative is a continuing story, highlighting the various stages of a relationship, from the ‘honeymoon phase’. The challenging aspects of nuances and discrepancies within the relationship, most notably expressed in tracks will get you engaged and participating in your mind – your heart. We’ve all been there. So let’s have some fun reminiscing through the fabulous arrangement of Kevin Holliday. You can’t miss it. You won’t regret it.

Tammy B – Breathe U

Interesting inflections and expressions mark the vibes that TAMMY B offers up in ‘Breahe U’. It’s a fab slow burner, where the ballad beckons like bubbles of visions prior to and after the intertwining of bodies and lover’s vows. Her name is Tammy Atalia Bowie, and with her latest version of her emotions, the climb up to new heights will be the way. Let’s find out more as the days and weeks turn into new opportunities.

Janie May – Thief

“This is fundamentally a song about transformation. It is about the process of realizing that, while people may hurt us in life, we have the choice as to whether or not we allow it to continue.” Brooklyn born and bred, Janie May writes soul and R&B-infused pop that is meant to uplift and inspire. Her delightful ol’ school soul comes through with alt-pop aesthetics that makes textures look of this and that world. Enchanting vocals, and style of delivery.

Julian Daniel – Suburbia

JULIAN DANIEL is scary. Scary good, that is. He’s a perfection in pop song and pop delivery. From mix of vocals to the soaring understatements, he ramps up with small nuances to build skyscrapers of danceable goodness. For our soul. For our heart. The 19 year old Canadian pop singer, from Toronto, Ontario grew up in a musical household, and it shows with a unique pallet of talent and majesty. Julian said: “I felt trapped in my small town. After going back and forth between LA and Toronto for a few weeks in a row I felt super low when I was home for long periods of time. The same routine, I lacked creativity and I felt I was losing myself.” Julian’s going to make a big splash how and where ever he deems fit. Look out.


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