RLGNS ‘bby yoda one fr me’ : Isolated but never diluted. Tropical sounds, reverberate into the ether.


RLGNS’ ‘bby yoda one fr me’ is a song within a world where we are now required to be socially isolated. From mind to body; to body to heart, a desolate absence, linger with pang-ing heart aches. A putrid ember of unsatisfied authorities where suffering has been procured, a new world vibe must be executed for betterment and for the future.

The song drives the listener to a tropical world where jungle sounds, exotic choirs, aggressive bass lines and dense beats fuse into this universe of natural harmony reminiscent of Nicola Cruz and Bonobo’s ethnic musical languages.

RLGNS is a Lisbon outfit formed by Medley and Escumalha. Sharing influences of ambient music, shoegaze and dubstep/trip hop, they created this project that aims to express different states of mind and explore unknown territory.

Let’s vibe, then think, then construct, then live once more.

Soon enough.


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