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Lisbon Based Outfit, RLGNS, Offers Compelling Observations In Single ‘MeAtTheZoo’.

Medley and Escumalha make up this dynamic electronica fascination named RLGNS. The inquisitive pokes of hot iron retentions, in memories and non-conforming seductions in notes, compel fully and utterly in their single ‘MeAtTheZoo’.

The drum/bass, house blend excoriates the ‘whenever’ and the ‘whatever’ into a smooth taffy of drops and hooks that drives you insane. It’s the thought of your favorite food; mouth watering, and with mad with flavor.

The recently formed trio and outfit will drop their EP ‘Perceptions’ on May 1st and should be a contemplative exercise in dance and thought, put into the cracks of your biological format and distressed consumptions. The amalgam of relationships to the vexation in reliable attitudes, pervasively bleed into the culmination of sound and vibe that you hear before you.

The band works hard to combine the organic and digital in their works, focused on the expressive beats that are inherent to meaningful and substantive methods to song writing.

A noble thrust, indeed.

‘MeAtTheZoo’ is a sound in whole. It is a texture, made up of many textures. It is a song that takes sounds from the ordinary, and tries its darnedest to make it extraordinary.

And as the song progresses, the drop at 2:22 makes the world turn into the kind of ecstasy you’d always dreamt of.

The delight of organs and synth, overlapping and enveloping – into a dance with the vocal sample and drums – make this a nurturing and evocative experience.



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