Ro-E ‘Ower’ : Complex and emblematic. Sing in hymns – apropos to us all.


It’s the arrogance of it all. It’s the other half of the population. It’s the half that is sometimes unseen. It’s the silent part of society that slips in and out of mental slavery and dissociative and patronizing indignities.

“Wars, minorities oppressed, the climate crisis dooms-day around the corner, democracy falling apart, girls and women around the world, no matter how high you have come in the social ladder, endure abuse or harassment in greater or leaser degree… The list goes on and on.”

From album ‘Allures’, Sweden based singer/producer Ro-E delivers consignment arguments of the other side of a manic point. The driveling non-sense of the other powerful, degrading and suppressing.

It is an album about consent, “toxic relationships and power” that is mistreated, misused, and mis-trusted.

Complex and emblematic, ‘Ower’, like the other songs, sing in hymns – apropos to us all.

Beautiful, indeed.


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