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Roaming Herds of Buffalo – The Bugbears (Album)

Roaming Herds of Buffalo consists of: William Cremin, Jared Fiechtner, Neal Flaherty, Scott Roots and Joe Shultz. And they make some compelling music that persistently helping us bubble-up the notion of some fab alt-grunge bands. Their latest offering, ‘The Bugbears’ is frenetic at times, thoughtful in most – darkened in theme and consistently entertaining in its variety of ‘feel’ and ‘presentation’.

It consists of 7 diggable songs that made us create some ridiculous words, in the effort to describe the effect they had on us. And, in fine CHF tradition, if there’s ‘ridiculous words’ used in sentences – it’s a good sign. For we try to describe the ‘feel – to our core, to our heads, and to our musical hearts.

The music can best be described as quirky indie pop, with some rocking moments, but at the heart of every song is a pop hook and lyrics that have something to say.

Hands V. Claws
Starts out like a classic Ozzy Osborne single, but quickly tells you that this won’t be an ordinary song experience. So many genres, mixed into one song – numbs the brain.
Winter Sun
The bass sets the tone. The tone that brings the ‘surf-rock’ feel, then twists it into a ‘rock-thang’ that perplexes and entertains; lots of sentimentality written in, with affectionate qualities.
Rip Van Winks
Slowly traverses the mind’s eye with digital synth accumens, salting and peppering our psychedelic wanna-be thoughts and skips. We actually saw multi-colored swirls, just like in a Pink Floyd sorcery chapter.
Night Owl
Probably the most active and danceable song on the album, ‘Night Owl’ is a rockin’ stack of guitar and guitar and guitar. Probably awesome live, for sure.
The feature protagonist in ‘Fire’ is the vocals. The awesome and weirdly waffly feel of his voice, is so attainable and approachable, that the sentimentality of the song is smoothly wiped into an entertaining trial.
Letters are written. In one’s head. Sometimes never on paper. But lots of times, as a song. This is what that is. It is poignant and very garish. It’s what we regular people would do, in such a similar spot. We all do our best, don’t we?
“Confusion, contusion, re-think, frozen” – we’re a weak part of the animal kingdom. What individuals ‘do or don’t’ in situations, is a funny thing. It’s a observance to that, sometimes, tragic urgency.


We know. But our expressions are genuine. Always.

Anywho, it’s a dang good demonstration and body of work from the RHOB gang.

We say kudos to that, for sure.

So, we think you should give it a shot.

‘The Bugbears’ was constructed with Aaron Schroeder, at Hall of Justice studio and is available now for your review, then (hopefully) your purchase.



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