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Roast Apple Shares ‘Scandinavian Summer’.

ROAST APPLE is sweet but tinged with the maturity and coming-of-age vitality that exudes with dancing confidence – you got a recipe for big fun. From Hamburg, with love and affection in their music, the boys with the charm gives us a view of their new EP ‘Young Hearts’.

The quartet sings with love, for love, and for lovers everywhere. Nope – they’re not just a ballad singing crooner band, but they are an indie-pop commercial fabulousness that oozes with smart and right music experiences. And yep – they have the pop vibe. But with the music to back things up, there’s no denying the goodness.

‘Scandinavian Summer’ is that example, and it hides nothing to the imagination, as the bare-chested disco bop, tingles your back button, and get you looking at the new day with a brighter tint.

The boys are: Finn-Bo Lorenzen, Rouven Leonavicius, Lukas Christiansen, and Liam Pitann. Watch them expand fast and wide outside of Germany, quickly.



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