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Roasting of Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy. Jimmy Kimmel style.

The controversy is that Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, who proposed, along with Senator Graham of South Carolina, had “lied” to Jimmy Kimmel on a nationwide interview on his nightly variety show. The term “Kimmel Test” was in the public sphere, and by September 19th, the sentiment from Jimmy Kimmel was that the Senate Bill did not pass the “Kimmel Test”.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Test” was a public request by the show host, for better coverage on medical care. It was especially poignant, because of his own experience with his son’s heart surgery.

The Cassidy-Graham Bill, as it is known, is a hybrid bill that is proposed so that it can replace the current ACA (Affordable Care Act), which is currently law. The ACA was proposed by the Obama administration and has been law since 2010, with actual major provisions started in 2014.

The bill will effectively give states the power to develop their own insurance coverage laws. The taxes from the current ACA would be funneled directly to the states, instead of the federal government.

Whether the states would have option of developing their own insurance, or pass on that, is uncertain.

There would be losers and winners in this fight, if the bill passes.

The Roasting:

Original Interview with Bill Cassidy:



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