Rob Jennings – The World Was On My Side

Rob Jenning’s The World Was On My Side is a fresh breath of air. It’s a mixture of broadway attitude, 90’s pop-grunge style, and indie-pop happiness – Rob just takes it back towards the fences. Or at least a jogging Triple, while running on newly cut green grass.

So good in between your toes, ain’t it?

It’s a rarity. We at CHF don’t see much of this kind of music. To be more specific, there are either one of these scenarios: (1) the band has nostalgic sounds and tunes, but doesn’t have the sophisticated execution – bringing no zing; (2) the band brings the zing, the x-factor, refinement, but no uniqueness and is just same ol’ same ol’.

But we’re glad we found one in Rob Jennings – music with the pop uniqueness, with the self-confident musical sophistication. And that is hard to ask for, because it’s a hard business. But there has to be a threshold that need to be passed. And Rob’s brought it.

The World Was On My Side is directly effected by Rob’s vocals. It singularly shapes his songs, making it digestible, understandable, and musically and constitutionally strong. The tune can be in an 90’s TV show. The tune can be in a Broadway show. It can be at a local bar, making people happy.

We don’t know Rob, but we’re sure he makes lots of his listeners very happy, when they see and hear him play his songs.

Kudos, Rob. Kudos.

If you’re in the NJ/NYC area, he’s playing in The Bowery Electric on October 17, and PIANOS on October 22nd.



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