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Rob The Heart // Madanii & L:Lucid // Brent Beamer // Air Land Sea // Shelley’s Murder Boys

Rob The Heart – A Little Bit of Thunder (feat. BOYGIRLBOY)

Rob The Heart is an Indie-Dance Producer from Phoenix Arizona, originating from Florida. This is the second single from Rob The Heart’s upcoming full release. Featuring vocals and guitar from Portland based indie-pop band BOYGIRLBOY. Rob The Heart made the transition to producer and songwriter in anticipation of releasing solo music that would bring attention to his new home in the southwest. Surrounding himself with new and fresh talent, these songs aim to pave the way for the spotlight to make its way to Phoenix. His songs are energetic, vibrant and sure to make you get up and boogie or sing at the top of your lungs. ‘A Little Bit Of Thunder’ keeps you in the know, and let’s you dance with no pretense or chip on your shoulder. Gratitude.

Madanii & L:Lucid – Sober

“Sometimes one can be so driven for their passion that they find themselves feeling completely lost, and at some point, broken. They push on however, glorifying this sort of self-destruction from excess because they justify that it’s for something they love.” The future-pop duo, MADANII & L:LUCID, explore exactly this, inspired by their own experience pursuing their art and making music. An extended volume of sights, then sounds, relies upon the gleaming fortress of the heart, then rides in like a knight on a white horse. The goals of creativity, saves us from the heaviness of life. It is a ‘sober’ amount of reality, served best with a dash of musical serendipity. It’s a magic carpet ride. Torture isn’t torture, if you don’t let it slow you down. Vocals and haunting emotions of regrets and remorse, are successfully layered to be come the battering ram for the future.

Brent Beamer – Vanilla

BRENT BEAMER’s work is off, off key at times, but always fearless. His vocals are crackling detriment to what conventional indications of what music should be. And are. But Brent isn’t anything about convention. The solitude of uniqueness breathes deep in the Universe of Brent’s vocal expressions. The countless stars that die and resurrect from the breaths of Brent’s lyrics, is countless and ever perpetual. ‘Vanilla’, said Brent, is “reflective of change in relationships. Many people find themselves in a life they no longer want to live. The contrary to unhappiness may be an incredible amount of fear, and as a result people choose to be unhappy.” The acquired taste (but none-the-less, tasty) offerings of BRENT BEAMER is maybe hard to take, at times. But it sure does set off some vibes deep within your cortex. That, there is no doubt. The Columbia, Missouri based artist is our cup of musical herbal tea.

Air Land Sea – How We Gonna Get There

Air Land Sea is the new project from acclaimed Australian musicians and friends Nadav Kahn, Lior and Tony Buchen. With a nod to Laurel Canyon, a healthy dose of Brian Wilson and an appetite for classic psychedelia, the three accomplished musicians came together for a cold winter’s writing trip in Daylesford, realising quickly that something special was emerging as the singular blend of their three voices created a new dimension quite distinct from their solo work and collaborations with other artists. Sensible, rhythmic, and classic to a pop-tee, the project is of fun and about fun, in these days of over-acting and un-necessary pomp. Boys and girls wanna, just have fun, no?

Shelley’s Murder Boys – Float Me Out

‘Float Me Out’ is one of the standout songs on the new album ‘Above is a Roar’ by Australian folk group Shelley’s Murder Boys. Featuring Shelley, Jimmy and Joe, the band’s fantastic assertion in bluegrass/folk is refreshing. The expressively understated tone of Shelley’s vocals comes at you with tentacles of notions, tickling your curiosity and knee-slapping promise of fun. The trio is a fab addition to your nights out in your virtual Appalachia dreams. The band stated: ““We are just a simple devil-lovin family that play bluegrass and folk tunes about the hills and rivers we’ve roamed, the things we’ve seen and the stories we’ve been told.” You can’t argue with that. The fun is inlaid within the folds of SMB’s radically succulent and dowsing offerings of folk & bluegrass. The energetic uniqueness perseveres into grips of taunting, in melodically traditions and SMB’s fabulously attractive vocal arrangements. Word.


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