Robert Grace Shares ‘I’m Here Too’. “Before It’s Too Late.”

Irish pop artist ROBERT GRACE knows how to get you there with his songs. And with ‘I’m Here Too’, the chorus is a classic construction of sweet, sweet love in composure.

The anthemic/heroic promise that is laced in the words of ‘Im Here Too’ hits exactly of that one thought or inkling that we exude when in a slight tiff of honest jealousy.

It’s not totally a bad thing. After all, ‘jealousy’ is a pre-requisite to some action – a human emotion that gets us to somewhere, or nowhere.

And if we choose to be creative, maybe – just maybe – we can tell her or him how much we need them in our lives.

Before it’s too late.

Said Robert: “This song is about being in love with your best friend. You’re trying to build up the confidence to tell them how you feel but are worried they won’t feel the same. You’ve watched them get hurt by other people and know that you could treat them so much better.”

Following on from the success of his last single “Moving Fast” which was ‘Tune of the Week’ on 2fm (Ireland’s National Pop Station) amongst extensive airplay on other stations Robert releases his new track “I’m Here Too’.



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