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Robert Jeffery // Van Plating // Paul Jacks // pattie // TELGATE

Robert Jeffery – This Time

Said Robert Jeffery: “Sometimes there is something or someone in your life who you just cannot get out of your mind. It may be because you admire them or it could be because you despise them. Either way, they are riding your train of thought without a ticket and you can’t kick them off.” ‘This Time’ is an 80’s vibe that is an return to the fore of such invigorating excitement and guitar driven rock. Vibes of Chicago, Boston, and Styx, Robert brings another avenue of fun and nostalgic rock n’ roll. An angle of attribution, which keeps its essence of hair waving goodness that any age can appreciate. Recorded at Valleysound Studios with producer Pete Dyball (Kasey Chambers) the track can be interpreted in a number of ways with the core theme surrounding preoccupation with a person or object and how exhausting it can be.

Van Plating – Kids

Van Plating is a stunning celebration of love, marriage, and life like the music world gets far too scarcely. This record comes directly out of a nine year break from her musical pursuits and a period not only blessed with giving birth to and raising four children with her husband, but also two miscarriages and the harrowing experience of having to say goodbye to her children prior to an extremely risky surgery. A project of Rachel Van Plating, the exuding songwriting from the artist is of another era. An effervescent lesson of thoughts and suggestions to her children, she exemplifies fabulously constructed vibes and anointed salinity for pop grooves. A note to herself, as well as others, ‘Kids’ drives home the notion that we all should enjoy the goodness that we have, right now. The colors from ‘Kids’ is exactly what Rachel had in mind, for her audience, as she thinks of her luck in coming through to the current day. She wants us all to be more joyful and happy. ‘Kids’ is Van Plating’s first track from her self-titled LP. Available now.

Paul Jacks – Fire In The Sky

Paul Jacks’ obsession with bands like New Order and OMD extended way beyond their popular radio hits. Immersing in their deeper catalogs, the Anchorage, AK based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist became a huge fan of B-sides – tunes that, to his highly attuned ears, weren’t throwaways or afterthoughts at all, but reflections of their deeper artistry. “I have a very distinct philosophy on album making, and my goal for ‘In Other Words’ was to explore a smooth approach to storytelling,” said Paul. “These very personal, partly autobiographical songs were all related to love lost and the psychological levels we can go through in the wake of such loss, including self-destruction, addiction, denial, remorse, and shame.” Indeed. The memories of the past, courses back into frame, when we’re challenged by the new and an up-front revival of our central tenet. Rise up, you tell yourself – and you do. A compelling rhythm of mercy and hind-sight twenty-twenty, ‘Fire In The Sky’ riddles the future of you, with shattered lessons and promises of better things to come. Uncertain, but always excitement which is within your grasp. Paul would like it that way.

pattie – Down To The Sea

Taking cues from the 70’s psyche musical arena, pattie cites intelligent indie-vibes with encrusted deliciousness. And in ‘Down To The Sea’, a beautifully cosmic and nostalgic radiation exudes. A cure for the every-day, the Beatles like pop, hits a cross roads with surf-pop’s charm and iridescence. Exploring and pushing forth to a variety of influences to create something completely new, the four friends reveal a constant dialogue between the sounds that shaped them and the ones yet to be. Gal Shnaider, Avner (Twigy) Toueg, Nadav Melman, and Gal Golani are the bodies and minds of pattie. And you can see them next for their Pattie Album Show in Tel Aviv November 27th. There you will likely be transported to another, with open mouth gapes of truth and justice, for the new you.

TELGATE – Cherrytight

Yep. So, how do you like your clothing being ripped apart by the riveting vibes of ‘Cherrytight’? Engrossing, eh? Or is it just palpitatingly engaging? Either way, the shadows of you former self, says hello, bids salutations, and stops bothering you. The future is new and bright with TELGATE, as the band take you by the throat and tells you to scream out loud. Cardiff based aggro-Glam band, unleash their stunning debut single ‘Cherrytight’ – a debut statement from a band that are starting to stand out in the Welsh music scene. Said lead vocalist, Casper James: “’Cherrytight’ is a metaphor for the backlash and social reaction to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. The song is a poetic discussion of how the crisis which grieved the LGBTQ community was twisted to promote fear-mongering of homosexual and bisexual people and laid blame on our community.” Casper James, Chris Norton, Jay J. Sweeney, and Tom Cove make up this lavishinglg direct project, and the Universe digs. “Paint your lips red and prepare to fall in lust with the queerest side of rock and roll.”


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