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Robert John David Shares ‘Som ett paket cigaretter’. “Sparkly and jangly emo laden bedroom-pop goodness.”

Off of the upcoming debut album ‘Nr.1’, ROBERT JOHN DAVID brings the single ‘Som ett paket cigaretter’ for us to consume. The airy delight of the song permeates with absolute nonchalance, supporting angst and doubtfulness, glued with the notion of a coming-of-age-moment.

The band is led by Robert Serholts, with his bandmates Fredrik Serholt, Anton Klavborn, and Jesper Persson, in conjunction doing their best to talk to the world that is beyond Sweden.

And they certainly succeed with ‘Som ett paket cigaretter’.

The crusty ambivalence of life crest at the high point in a day, mounting on layer of weeks and months, to befall into an emotional pile of ‘confusion’. That’s what we feel like sometimes and with that accrued emotional detriment, humans somehow move forward. Moving forward, even when your heart is numb with pain – moving forward, even when there doesn’t seem to be any happiness remaining at the end of the tunnel.

We persist.

ROBER JOHN DAVID’s cylindrical dynamism is afforded into the sonnets of visions, in between each note, and parted by the lyrics of incantations.

Angst and adjustment, comes with the territory.

And somehow, Robert and the boys, absorb that sentiment, and spews it in a sparkly and jangly emo laden bedroom-pop goodness.

Can’t understand Swedish?

Doesn’t matter in this case.

Look for more from this fab project.



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