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Robert Laser // 100Years Apart // Ted Kennedy // One With Shade // Aadams

Robert Laser – VACANCY

ROBERT LASER is Lucas del Calvo, and the New York City based artist will drop his 9 song LP ‘Laser 1’ very soon. And just like his past several unreleased EPs and demos, the release date of ‘Laser 1′ will remain a mystery until the news drops, in an appropriate time. And time, for ROBERT LASER, is what he has to work with. The ingredient for self-appointed perfection and unadulterated demand for vision, Lucas’ venerable appetite for taking his time, is an apropos attempt on his artistic craft. In 2016, he graduated from the New School in NYC, and has been on a path to knowledge and maybe, ‘salvation’ of sorts, for his songwriting excavations. The time clock ticks, but never on Lucas’ dimension. We all have to wait for the awaiting sonic experiences. ‘Vacancy’ is a small drop of that inquisitive experiment, where ROBERT LASER wails with synth and textures, gilded in significance and postures. Where it leads as it heads into the horizon, is an unknown. The opening salvo for ROBERT LASER will be open for interpretation soon.

100Years Apart – What’s It Gonna Be

Alt-pop single ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ brings lyrical interest and rendering. The strain of stresses in the realm of life’s majesty garners your pension for respect and smiles. The 90’s vibin’ guitar strums, with the venerable Wilson Philips-like vocal presentation is a pop description of another order. The short and succinct single drives with airy parlance, while dictating in the modern semblance for hooky intentions. 100Years Apart consists of Briana, (vocals, rhythm guitar) Reese ( bass guitar) Jesse (drums). The trio has been playing together since 2014, and seems to have been pushing and prodding into new fascinations of indie-rock and pop, ever since. The oddly attractive arrangements, with Briana’s vocals tinted in a charming ‘matter-of-fact-nihilism’ of sorts mix well for the listening ears and hearts.

Ted Kennedy – Not Enough

Blending techno, pop and new wave, TED KENNEDY is a breath of fresh air for our ears. Dynamic and inspiring, Ted brings our sensibilities back to the sounds that reveal our animal desire for analog. However, Ted adds a new twist of decadence to the overarching modernism into his songs that quite successfully pounces on the prior, helping us to understand the new. Ted described: “‘Not Enough’, like a lot of music I have been writing recently, is inspired by the sounds of Toronto’s underground electronic music scene. Curating Frequencies, I’m constantly blown away by the amount of talent here. It’s tough to be an artist in this city, rents are high, venues are closing, and platforms big enough to give artists any meaningful exposure are nearly non-existent. Everyone has day jobs, roommates, and bedroom studios. Despite the challenges artists put in the work and create great things. This song is inspired by those artists, their sounds, their creativity, their energy. I just hope I did them justice.” Let’s just enjoy this fab song, shall we?

One With Shade – Magenta Skies

Invigoratingly succulent, ONE WITH SHADE’s single ‘Magenta Skies’ looks at an angle of living, with a hyper focused attention to details in self-polished ambiguities. We live in a time of resolute impoverishment to our souls, where desire for another and alternative, parry with gigantic parody. It is what we do that may carry the day. Off of the latest EP ‘The North’ (available now), ONE WITH SHADE is the project of California based artist Joey Weinberg. And through such a project, Joey, amasses emotional layers, then indubitably amplifies in a juxtaposition of sounds. As he’s done with ‘Magenta Skies’, the synth loops, carry the day, as Joey’s vocal attenuations vilify and exonerate rivers of relevance and other-worldly affections. In his unassuming and understated tones, Joey has much to share with you, in narration and stories. Let’s take a ride with him.

Aadams – Forever on the Fence

Swaying in a Spring of the past, memories hang at the edges in AADAMS’ single ‘Forever On The Fence’. The single is a Brit-pop vibin’ single that exudes both Americana and Folk elements, all laced in a razor sharp lyrical exercise. AADAMS is the project of artist and singer/songwriter Andrew. The New Jersey based artist sings in ‘Forever on The Fence’ with beautifully melancholic mystery, layered in each syllable and pacing extremities. Part experimental, part main-stream, the bolstering strums to Andrew’s confidently decadent vocals, bring forth casts of kaleidoscopic colors and hues for view. In one word, combined with multitude of attitudes, the single recalls the best in traditions of bands like Radiohead, where edges of the Universe isn’t a hinderance, but a sign to move closer to that end. The understated presentation invites with glee and appropriate tinge of emotional beckoning.


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