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ROBERT PALKO Shares ‘Rain On My Parade ‘. Another Gem From His Latest Album ‘Elephant’s Garden’.

Photo by @mylongestohh

ROBERT PALKO shares with us his latest single release from his new album ‘Elephant’s Garden’. ‘Rain on My Parade’ plays off of Robert’s playful vocals and hymn driven guitar works, to stipulate and heighten the understated seriousness of his meanings. And in the latest album, this is a common thread that permeates the pours, of which, we all can relate, ponder, and examine.

‘Elephant’s Garden’ is Robert’s first solo album, and it had taken 2 years and 7 months to calibrate and finish. The artist set out and planned on “an alternative rock album” but instead turned out as an “indie-pop” enhanced offering

Like ‘Rain On My Parade’, Robert has a lot to say about the environment he resides, and the situations that lie in it. With love and relationships, and everything in between, he delves seriously and honestly, to those layers of those human limitations.

Ultimately, he’s on the side of the argument, where unconditional love DOES exist. A place between ‘Garden of Eden’ and ‘Heaven’.

The 10 song album is available now.


Photo by @mylongestohh


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