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Robin Cause // Stay Young // Cold Engines // Mo Klé // Down The Line

Robin Cause – Walking in the Rain

Born in Amsterdam, ROBIN CAUSE is the aching heart and desire you’d always knew you wanted. And in ‘Walking In The Rain’, Robin delights with delightful country ballad sensibilities, with a tinge of pop framed and fleeting story telling. As his young adult life gotten under way, he had a certain vision for what music could be – what his music can add to the sometimes convulsive nature of the music scene. Big dreams, for a big dreamer, as they say – and Robin fits that category to a tee. Love and loss of loves, along the way is what Robin chooses to write his songs about. But we have a inkling that in even in the times of emotional loss, it’s all positive to the talented 21 year old. Nothing can stand in his way; his songs have told us so.

Stay Young – Sidewalks

Have a read of STAY YOUNG’s ‘Sidewalks’. The four artist, who wanted to stop the craft of music making, came together again to bring a compelling works of art and pure delight. And in this particular first release from the quartet, it merges some of the best indie-rock multi-colored tones of a past decade, with the existential and poignant relevance of the current and the individual. ‘Sidewalks’ is about love. And love is akin to the struggles and often remedial detriments set in motion by life. Grated to their knees, they once again rise to the challenges, setting aside moods that just distracted. A certainly entertaining and catchy power pop ballad.

Cold Engines – Never Heard of the Blues

COLD ENGINES is New England’s way of thanking the rock n’ roll nature of our individual souls. Even if you think you aren’t into hard-rock like ‘Never Heard Of The Blues’, you will inevitably connect and quickly, with deep admiration. The winners of awards and accolades the band keeps on chugging along with no stopping in sight. The machine like touring attitude of the band, all up and down the New England east-coast, they are on a mission to salvage our ears and musical sentiments, to that gloriously reachable plateau. We think COLD ENGINES can help us get to that mountain peak.

Mo Klé – Desire

Inclined to make you feel good and happy, Mo Klé in ‘Desire’ continues that trend of ‘oh well that’s life’ kind of zen balance. The Zurich based singer and songwriter declares sovereignty for his folk framed story telling art pieces, which with ever bated breath, they consume and caress our nervous hearts. “It’s okay,” Mo delineates in his songs, as his hums and hymns delicately arrest your focus, to a brighter and maybe, more acceptable outcome. Melancholic – nay – the singing rhythms and harmonica acceptance of fate, brings smiles. Mo’s upcoming EP ‘Fighter In The Sky’ is available now.

Down The Line – Where Did You Go?

Want some southern alt-rock on your plate tonight? Want some sexy chic-ness, with a pinch of pop circumstance? DOWN THE LINE will show you – the way it should be shown. With ‘Where Did You Go’, the hard rock guitar solo, to the classic rock construction, never deviates. Well, let us reiterate that the solo on this single is sin. It’s something to get behind. It’s better than that kiss from that girl you’d been stalking. After listening to this single, you realize what part of the musical Universe you’d been missing. It has been a long time. Let’s get acquainted, again. So, come and have this unassuming rock band, ‘rock your world’.


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