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Robin Irene Moss Share ‘Wings of Wire’.

Robin Irene Moss brings the kind of contemporary folk songs that anyone can get into. Her vocals is unique and is powerfully subtle, telling stories in each and every breath. The arrangement of the song elements, successfully pulls of the kind of ‘heft’ and ‘gravity’ each questioning lyric pose.

The Tetris like construction, brick by brick, is evident. And when that kind of forward thinking absolutes collide with the introspective nuances of life and personal demons, it can only become easy to listen to.

Her honesty is the cornerstone of her songs, we believe. And that is easily noticeable in the veracity and ‘strength’ of the way she sings and picks the guitar. Complexity is built in a solid simplicity, and we think in Robin, we have something here to attest and witness.

Her UK tour starts on July 15, with a visit to The Gladstone Arms in London.

Good stuff.



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